Auditions for Student film “Wayward Souls” in Chicago

Casting Directors are seeking Talent for a Student Film “Wayward Souls” in Chicago. 

“Wayward Souls” is a dark comedy about a young boy with overprotective parents named Daniel who wakes up to find Matt, his school bully, in his bedroom with no recollection of how he got there. It is then revealed that Matt has been missing for several weeks. Forced to put aside their differences and past experiences, they set out to uncover the circumstances of Matt’s disappearance, which leads them to uncover a very dark and horrific secret about Daniel’s “perfect” family.

Further details of this casting are located below the Nine9 application. Enrollment in our service is not required.

Nine9 Talent Application

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

Producers are seeking the following:


  • Daniel Blumer – meek and unassertive, he doesn’t know how to stand up for himself; Daniel gains confidence as the story progresses through his interactions with his school bully, Matt.

Age: 10 to 18 years old 

  • Mrs. Blumer –  very traditional, put together; caring, dutiful mother and housewife; a bit overprotective.

Age: 30 to 45 years old 

  • Mr. Blumer – reticent, and a bit bookish; very polished, extremely loving but an authoritative parental figure.

Age: 30 to 45 years 

  • Alice Blumer –  Daniel’s older sister, who sticks out amongst her more conservative family; going through her rebellious phase, she’s a bit temperamental yet witty.

Age: 15 to 21 years old 

  • Matt – gruff exterior but a bit frail underneath it all; compensates for lack of control by oppressing and abusing others; maintains a certain charisma and charm despite these qualities.

Age: 10 to 18 years old

Audition Location: Columbia College Chicago

Audition Date: September 20th, 21st and 27th

Please Note: If you are not able to make the above dates we are accepting video submissions

Please note: Sides will be provided to you at the audition

Payment: Non Paid

Email us and let us know and we will get in touch with you for instructions on how to submit.

Please submit to: (By October 18th)



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