Jason Momoa Film Casting Now

Casting Directors are seeking adult talent to be in the new movie from Netflix “Sweet Girl” starring Jason Momoa. 

The movie is a revenge thriller that centers around a husband, who promises to bring justice to the people for killing his wife while protecting his daughter.

Further details of this casting are located below the Nine9 application. Enrollment in our service is not required.

Nine9 Talent Application

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

Producers are seeking the following:

Talent: Female 

Age Range: 18 to 30 yrs old

Hair type: Medium brown/ dark brown hair

Height: 5’0′ to 5’2

Body type: Petite Build (XS to M)

Race: Caucasian and/or Hispanic/Latino


Please do not submit for this show unless you are submitting for the following Please: 


You must be available for ALL of the dates liststed: 


  • Ocotber 21st to October 25th (for production work)

Keep in mind: If you could only work this week – still apply. Would be needed the entire week.


  • Novemember 11th to December 13th – (most dates, Mondaythrough Friday Only)
  • December 18th to Decemember 22nd –  (to include 1 weekend)
  • Januarary 6th to Feburary 4th (year 2020) – (most dates, Monday through Friday Only)

Open availability is importnt incase of schedule chages!

Stand in Needed!

Netflix Feature “Sweet Girl”

Please email extraspgh@gmail.com

Subject Line: STAND IN #2 

Please include: 

  • Name
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • 2 Current Photos – Photo’s should be
  1. One Full body – Top of head to feet
  2. One close up
  • Phone Number.

Keep in mind: You must be at least 18 to apply. You should also have reliable transportation to make it to set everyday – no matter the location.

This email account is not open for other submissions at this time – Just stand in applications.

Thank you!


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