Reboot of “Jay and Silent Bob” Now Casting

Casting Directors are now seeking Extras to portray convention goers on the upcoming “Jay and Silent Bob” reboot. Production is set to start at the end of this month and will be directed by Kevin Smith.

Casting Details

When: Spring 2019

Pay: Unannounced

Further details of this casting are located below the Nine9 Talent Application. Enrollment in our service is not required.

Nine9 Talent Application

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

According to IMDB, Jay and Silent Bob return to Hollywood to stop a reboot of ‘Bluntman and Chronic’ movie from getting made.

Caballero Casting is currently casting background for Kevin Smith’s new film starting production in New Orleans at the end of this month.

They are looking for Cos-players, Jay and Silent Bob Fans and people who just love to be creative and dress up to create their own awesome costumes!

Costume Requirements: Costume must be homemade, not store bought. They welcome creative variations of color, pattern and shapes but the overall look must still be recognizable as the characters Jay, Silent Bob, Bluntman or Chronic. The more creative the costume, the greater your chance of being featured – mix them with other themes or famous pop culture characters!

SHOOT DATES: March (After Mardi Gras)
Multiple Costumes? Send pics of them all!
No Costume? Make one!
Submissions should be sent to
All submissions must include Your name, age, city, state of residence, contact # and photos of you in costume

7 Comments on "Reboot of “Jay and Silent Bob” Now Casting"

  1. I always wanted to act be never acted on it ! I’m ready!

  2. Big fan of Jay and silent Bob.

  3. I want to do this so bad I would love to be in this movie you have no idea even as an extra

  4. I’ve been called Tommy Chong since I was 15 years old if you have any interest in that not to mention I sound just like him

  5. Clerks was one of my favorite movies of all time. I loved the humor. The whole movie made perfect sense to me as someone that was 16 in 1993 and hung outside a pizza shop and convenient store in Nj. That movie still makes me laugh my ass off every time I watch it. I even made sure my 3 kids watched it too. The ‘37’ scene was a bit uncomfortable while watching with my kids I must say. But it’s too good of a movie to not let them watch. If there is ever a chance to play a role in one of Bobs movies I would love to do it. I can keep a straight face through anything. So if you ever need someone I’m your man. I’m 42 and would love to do something like play a role in a show or movie with this kind of humor.

  6. I’ve seen both of these guy’s movies and totally off the chain. I’m not bad I’m more than willing to bass it out with them.

  7. Sounds like a fun set!

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